Holiday Season Horror Movie Marathon List

I’m at it again, this time watching holiday season themed horror movies. I won’t be watching a movie a day thought, instead my intent is to watch as many movies as I can between now and the first of next year. Oh, and my movie selection is not the worst of the worst this time. For this marathon I’ve searched the Internet for lists of Christmas and New Years horror movies and the master list … Read more

1 Week to Thanksgiving…Really?

TweetWhen I went out to get the paper this morning I realized it’s Wednesday when I saw the grocery store sale papers–I’ve been having a hard time remembering what day of the week it is thanks to NaNoWriMo.  Then I realized I’m a little behind on party planning. This year we’re staying home instead of traveling to Monte Vista, Colorado for Thanksgiving dinner.   Michael’s family in Southern Colorado have fizzled out due to relatives moving … Read more

I’m 45 Today

Happy birthday to me!   Yeah, I’m 45 today.  WOW…45.    Best birthday present I got so far today came to me while doing a P90X upper body work out this morning.  Physically I don’t feel any different than I did twenty years ago, and I have greater endurance.  Of course I have to sneak in the gluten free and mostly caesin free diet over the last couple years has helped decrease aches and pains tremendously.  Smile … Read more

Monday’s Whine: A Woman and a Writer

Sorry for posting so late today. I’ve gotten too involved, preparing for next week’s post on organizing. Oops! Maybe I should have done that this week. Just as a reminder, I’ve decided to use Monday as a whining day, but in a more constructive way. Basically, last week I posted, Started 2010 with My Head Spinning, and whined that I just can’t seem to “get with it” this year. As a way to help myself, … Read more