Why Do You Do Horror?

Welcome to day 2 of the October Frights Blog Hop. Today is a combination review of the documentary Why Horror?, and a discussion on why some of us are so addicted to the horror genre. If you haven’t seen it, here’s what Why Horror? is about: “WHY Horror? is a feature length documentary following horror fan Tal Zimerman as he looks at the psychology of horror around the world in order to understand why we … Read more

Movie Review: Abraham Lincoln vs. Zombies

HOLY CRAP! What an awesome zombie movie! Here’s what it’s about: Not to be confused with the big-screen, vampire hunting mashup, this direct-to-video horror flick has the Great Emancipator battling to save the Union from an attacking horde of Confederate zombies. I LOVED IT! And I can say you won’t confuse this one with Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter because this movie is so much better…if you like B movies. Then again, I fell asleep during … Read more

Book Review: Pilgrims Of Plymouth by Susan E. Goodman

Today’s Thanksgiving book review is Pilgrims Of Plymouth by Susan E. Goodman. Here’s what it’s about: What was it like to be a pilgrim child in 17th-century Massachusetts? This charming picture book takes young readers back in time to see. For one thing, pilgrim children didn’t go to school. Instead, they helped their parents with chores and played games such as marbles. There were no convenient grocery stores. Pilgrims had to hunt and gather food, … Read more

Book Review: The Unsolved Mystery of Ghosts by Michael Martin

Today’s book review is The Unsolved Mystery of Ghosts by Michael Martin. Here’s what it’s about: Presents the study of ghosts, including current theories and famous encounters. This is not a Halloween themed book, but ghosts are appropriate for the holiday. You’ll even learn a thing or two. I liked the format of the book. It includes some of the most well-known, real-life, ghost stories, along with other educational information like definitions, historical facts and … Read more

Book Review: Hailey’s Halloween by Lisa Bullard

Today’s Halloween book review is Hailey’s Halloween by Lisa Bullard. Here’s what it’s about: It’s time for Hailey’s favorite holiday Halloween! She plans her costume. She also carves jack-o’-lanterns with her family. Finally, it’s time for Hailey to trick-or-treat with her friends. Find out how people celebrate this spooky time of year! This is a fun book because it contains lots of history facts about Halloween. You learn while Hailey decides which of her costume … Read more