Wine & Cookies

Welcome to my kitchen. Yes, this is the spacious counter where I spend countless hours cooking and baking. In fact, it’s one of my most favorite places in the world, especially when the family gathers around to talk, eat, drink and celebrate. I lost all motivation to write or edit this afternoon, so I made cookies instead. Gluten-free, sugar cookies with sprinkles on the first dozen and sliced almonds on the second dozen. See the … Read more

Yummy Grandma’s Cookies

Leave a comment here about your own holiday traditions and everyone wins a free copy of The Courier, Episode 1, Call for Obstruction. This week we’re sharing holiday recipe for Monday’s holiday traditions over at the Vamplit Blog. Here’s one of my favorite cookie recipes, but not because of the taste since they are loaded with gluten, and I can’t eat the stuff. No, I love this recipe because it was written on paper by … Read more