Sucky Monday

Posted by W.J. Howard

It’s a sucky Monday, starting the week with bad news, so I totally forgot about posting an update. All I’ve wanted to do today is immerse myself in writing and editing my next three #fridayflash stories so I don’t have to think about it.

And speaking of #fridayflash, I released two stories last week if you missed them. Links to #fridayflash are back in the right column. Top 2 are most current.

No new news on the release of The Courier, but I did get all my biography info done and sent to my publisher last week.

No Bloodlegger news this week either.

Why so little news? I’m still busily working on the Bloody Heart’s Valentine’s Day Blog Hop, hosted by my publisher Vamplit Publishing. It’s a bit time consuming setting up a new event and most of my time was spent last week finding sponsors. We are set with a few big ones including Drive Thru Fiction, so now I’m starting a week of finding bloggers.

Nothing else this week from R.J. and I. Back to editing.

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