Story a Day in May

I just joined Story a Day in May today. I had found this event last year and put it on the Visionary Press calendar, but forgot about it until I checked email this morning and found the reminder. At first I posted I wished I had time to do this event. Then I realized that was an excuse and decided to make time. This is the perfect challenge for me right now. I even dragged Blaze McRob and Lisa McCourt Hollar into this challenge. We’ll see if any of the other Visionary Press authors bite. Drop by hear daily to read a story. I’ll also post it on the Friday Frights website.

I personally plan to use this challenge to teach myself not to over edit my work. I’m only allotting 2 hours at most to write and edit each story. No limits on word count. Now I’m off to edit the first story. Wrote it in 30 minutes this morning.

* Re-published

1-A Flash of Green to Black

2-Big Betty*

3-Nightly Drawing

4-Missing Time

5-Millions Served

6-Had a Great Fall

7-Nearly Complete*

8-Fine Chopper Art

9-Ain’t No Guarantees*

10-Things from Planet X

11-The Price of Ugly*

12-Happy Mother’s Dead Day

13-Alive and Kicking

14-Eternally We Connect

15-Damn Postman

16-Merry Dead Soul*

17-The Hiding Place



20-Photo Enforced

21-The Fairy God Mother’s Fix

22-Make Him Take This Pill and I’ll Call You in the Morning

23-Lessons for Kittens

24-Brain Portal*

25-Tinkering Around*

26-Modern Day Convenience

27-Momma’s Boy*

28-Out of the Ordinary

29-Mrs. Sprat*



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