Say Cheese

I got my first Sparkle assignment today, right after I got out of the shower. Initially I was a little irritated that the assignment was to take a picture of myself. Figured I’d have to go dry my hair and put on a little make up before taking the picture, when what I really wanted to do was eat lunch. Then I remembered the advice given in the introduction. Don’t over think it. Be spontaneous. So I got up. Got the camera and took a picture in front of the mirror closest to the camera.

Now here’s what’s so cool about being spontaneous. I captured much more than an image of myself. The closest mirror was given to us by my sisters five years or so ago and has a beautiful frame that I love. I sometimes look into this mirror and smile before I leave the house, reminding myself to have a lovely time while I’m out. In the background, without knowing, I happened to capture a drawing I did some fifteen years ago. But the most rewarding part of the assignment was captured in the middle, me, just as I am. CHEESE!!

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