Short Shelf Life

Today I educated myself on sulfite free wines, and I think I’ll pass on buying any in the future. We don’t have any allergies in our family to the stuff, so no need to drink it anyways.

Side note, one of the interesting things I learned is that wine has less sulfites than most dried fruit.

Main reason is because we maintain a pretty large collection of wine at any given time. Until today, I didn’t realize the stuff only has about a 6 month shelf life, even when it’s stored properly. And you have no idea how it’s been stored before you buy it. So, every time we buy sulfite free, we never drink it before it goes bad. I opened another bottle tonight with “suck your lips right off your face” pucker power. It’s even hard to keep the stuff around for guests with allergies who drop by unexpected.

Yeah, going forward, BYO sulfite-free wine to my house . . . and one with sulfites for Michael and me.

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