Sexy Wine Labels

As Valentines day quickly approaches and considering my hubby pulled out a bottle of The Watchers from Fetish Wines for tonight, this post was a given. Hmmm . . . I wonder what he has planned this evening?

Let’s face it, we’re all suckers for a sexy wine label whether it’s the name of the wine or the picture on front. I can’t argue with all the articles I’ve read today, sex sells! And so I searched the Internet for the best of the best of the sexy wine labels and here are just a few that I found.

This is about the funniest one I’ve found today. I’m assuming they’re talking about the way the grapes hang on the vine, right?

Gentlemen, I’d be a little careful of what this ladies got between her legs.

My passion for pulp fiction would have me snatching this one off the shelf.

And just in case you’re not stimulating enough of your senses while watching porn.

I could go on all night with this post, but we’re almost finished with the Fetish wine and I’m getting the, “are you done with that post yet” look from the hubby. I’m off to put on a pair of boots similar to the ones on this label.

But before I zip up the boots, I’d like to include one sexy beer label for Blaze McRob. Considering all the hard work he does for the Press, I think he deserves a screaming Double Wench tonight.

I’d like to recognize a few of the websites that did a much better job than me, talking about these wines and beers. I suggest you check out these articles for more of the saucy labels:

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