Scribbling My Heart Out

Sparkles for the last two days are in today’s post because yesterday was a short meditation session, and at first I didn’t think it would fill a post.  Today I have scribbles to show off, which I’ve cropped and included throughout the post.  You can click on each and enlarge them.

First I’ll share a little something about yesterday’s sparkly meditation session.  I meditate often, so it was a familiar exercise, relaxing and refreshing.  In fact, it was a similar feeling to how I end meditation sessions by filling myself with golden creative energy for inspiration during my day of writing and editing.

When I was done I sat beside our new foster beagle, Mabel, who joined us Thursday.  She was a severely neglected girl, pregnant when she was found.  Unfortunately, all her puppies died.  She also had heart worms and the skin around her nipples is irritated and dry to the point she’s scratched herself raw.  The poor thing.  So I had another sparkly meditation session, and visualized healing sparkles around Mabel while I rubbed her back.  She laid peacefully for nearly a half an hour, and the session was healing for us both.

For today’s sparkle, I got carried away and spent more than five minutes scribbling.  The assignment was to scribble to music.  It was so much fun that after the first song I did another drawing and then another, until I had five scribbles. 

I’ve scribbled as a creative activity a few times in the past, but never to music. This way was a lot more fun and just a better experience. Oh yeah, the music I chose, Christmas themed by Harry Connick Jr. It just happened to be the first thing I found on iTunes. I chose to scribble with colored pencil first and them moved to markers. I mixed it up pretty good, scribbling with one or more pencils, used one or both hands, the whole while moving to the music. I really enjoyed creating this last one that reminds me of Harold and the Purple Crayon.

Last but not least, I won a prize yesterday. Not sure the details yet. Will let you know in tomorrow’s post.

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