Scary Confession About Where I Find Inspiration

Thanks for dropping by for day 3 of the Women in Horror Month Blog Talks. Today is Scary Confessions, but mine is not so scary in that I draw much inspiration for my work from artwork. This started when I was a kid, during frequent visits to the Art Institute Chicago. Back then I was more of a visual artist than an artist of written words. If your genre is horror, how can you not draw inspiration from paintings like Saturn Devouring His Son by Francisco Goya. Anything horrific hanging in an art museum has always gotten long stares from me. It’s gotten so that I can’t go to an art museum without a notebook.

Awhile back I wrote a flash fiction story inspired by this amazing piece to the right by Lauren Curtis, an artists I’ve known online for a number of years now and greatly admire.

Lauren Curtis is a diverse artist, creating anything from the most beautiful and serene pieces to the more dark. Here’s a little something about it:

“SkullXBones (in red) was taken in the Kutna Hora Bone Ossuary outside of Prague…it’s a small church with the entire interior decorated in human bones! Lauren shot this B&W image of the skulls and cross-bones that line the doorways, and enhanced it in Photoshop.”

Originally, I thought it would be fun to write a story about the church where the picture was taken. Knowing how Lauren created the piece also inspired me to read a little history about the skull and cross bones. A Google search led me in a different direction. First, in Wikipedia, I read, “Actual skulls and bones were long used to mark the entrances to Spanish cemeteries.” So I went back to Google and looked up ‘Spanish cemetery’ and found an article that was too irresistible to pass up. Spanish cemetery posts eviction notices on burial sites, on the MSNBC website, was the final inspiration to write a story about grave eviction.

I highly recommend you check out more of Lauren’s work at these sites: (NEW fine art site!) (her Blog) (Facebook Fine Art Page) (commercial & fine art) (cards, T-shirts, photography, illustration) (now on Twitter)

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    • You are so right on that, Debbie! I was thinking about sharing the story today, but instead want to submit it to an anthology. Wish me luck on getting it published!


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