Recharged by Cookies

Gorging on peanut butter cookies yesterday squashed the slug right out of me.  I’m feeling recharged for some reason today.  Could also be that it’s snowing.  I’ve been dying for a snowy day of writing by the fire, and here it is.

I was just looking back at a few of my previous posts during the contest and saw Celebrating 10,000 Words Today.  That happened way back on day 3.  As of this morning, TRIPLE it.  Wow!  Another 20,000 words just seemed to fly by.

I’ve officially written into the second act of Cause for Redemption.  Got there yesterday and am really delving into the meat of the novel now.  SPOILER ALERT…Vern’s back to help Barry capture his father.  Vern’s one of my favorite characters, so having him join the hunt only helps with the recharge.

With almost twenty full days to go, I’ve got to wonder when slug mode will creep up on me again.  Any other NaNo writers out there needing a recharge, what are you doing to bring the spark back to your writing?

Now back to writing and onward to 40,000.

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