New Years Resolutions

calvin-hobbes-new-years-resolutionsYeah, I’m going there. I have two resolutions this year, both pretty typical: quit eating refined sugar and lose 30 pounds. I don’t really have a choice with the sugar. I’m addicted to it like it’s heroine. No joke. If I go a few days without sugar, I go looking for a fix like a junkie. I not only eat it, I binge on it. For me, it’s been worse than trying to quit smoking cigarettes. It’s affecting my health and I’ve had enough, so it’s gotta go. As far as the extra 30 pounds, it’s been on me for over 5 years and I’m tired of having a closet full of clothes I can’t wear. I’m really hoping that being fed up along with a path to feeling better will be motivating factors to follow through this year.

Because I fully intend to keep my resolutions, I went out and did a little research about new years resolutions including odds of success and methods of follow through. Very interesting, below are the top new years resolutions found on WCTV. Appears I’m right in line with everyone else.

The University of Scranton’s top New Year’s resolutions for 2014 are: 1. lose weight 2. get organized 3. spend less, save more … 4. enjoy life to the fullest 5. stay fit and healthy 6. learn something exciting 7. quit smoking 8. help others in their dreams 9. fall in love 10. spend more time with family. Read more…

Then I found this information about success rates in the Huffington Post:

And today, making resolutions is very common. 41 percent of individuals make resolutions, and 56 percent of those who make such resolutions are so confident they will be successful that they initiate changes within one month. Tragically, only 46 percent actually do succeed in keeping their resolutions at 6 months, and only 19 percent at one year. Read more…

Well, that’s not very reassuring. 😐

Most important to me is keeping my new years resolutions, and considering what the Huffington Post said … I sought out advice and found the video below. It makes sense. I like the approach, but will it work for me? I’ll be writing every Monday about my progress using this method for a few months. Got my fingers crossed.

Here are a few more fun things I found helpful and interesting about keeping your new years resolutions this year:

How about you? Are you bothering with a new years resolution this year?

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