My FAV Vineyard

This week I’m highlighting an Australian vineyard and winemaker rather than an individual wine. We drink more D’Arenberg wine in our house than any other. Check out this page and you’ll see all the labels, making them quite a prolific wine producer. Prices are mainly affordable, and a few higher but well worth it!

The first wine we tried was the Dead Arm Shiraz and and fell so in love with it we had to look into their other wines. Oh, and we were fortunate to share a bottle of the 2007 Dead Arm on Valentine’s Day. The year was limited and absolutely amazing. We managed to find one other bottle and are saving it for a special occasion. I’ve mentioned this wine on some blog, somewhere in the past, and here’s a reminder of where the Dead Arm name originated.

Dead Arm is a vine disease caused by the fungus Eutypa Lata that randomly affects vineyards all over the world. Often vines affected are severely pruned or replanted. One half, or an ‘arm’ of the vine slowly becomes reduced to dead wood. That side may be lifeless and brittle, but the grapes on the other side, while low yielding, display amazing intensity.

Tonight we’ll enjoy The Hermit Crab, pictured upper-left, with Tilapia and a peach salsa over rice. It’ll go well considering, “The characteristic stone fruits of apricot, peach and nectarine are ever present with sweet spice nuances.” It’s a 2009, and I just noticed Wine and Spectator gave it 90 points.

Happy wine sipping to you all tonight!

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