Mean Winnie Jean’s Horror Happenings in April

Is it really April? Spring has sprung, but we’re locked indoors. Go outside, put on a mask. What a strange time to be alive!

If you’ve been to my blog lately, you’ve seen that I’ve been kinda absent. When I came here today to write this post, I first noticed that Handcuffed in Horror lists the theme for February. Well, unfortunately, I had planned to announce last month that I’m closing the group. There are just so many horror groups out there and maintaining one of my own has been a time suck. Please join me instead over at on Facebook or on the Mean Winnie Jean Like page. But most of my horror activity continues be on Twitter @meanwinniejean.

Speaking of social media, I’m constantly redesigning my Instagram page, also @meanwinniejean. My focus will be comedy until further notice if only to lift my own spirits during these stressful times. Watch for posts about my favorite horror comedy movies down one column, my comic caricatures in a second, and news and funny quotes in another column.

Progress on Warrant for Damnation has unfortunately slowed again. I’m working on some other projects that are non-fiction based that I won’t go into. Why? Well, it’s the pandemic. It’s kinda sucked away some of my creativity. I’ve been trying to inspire myself by drawing, which you’ll find on Instagram and Facebook as well. I did get back 2/3 of the book from my editor, so know that I will finish it soon.

Don’t Forget About the Monthly Drawing

I’ve added a monthly drawing to receive a promo code for a free audiobook of your choice in The Courier Series. Click here to enter. You will need to re-enter each monthly drawing so return every month to re-enter for a chance to win.

That’s all folks. See you next time.

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