Movie Review: Zombies Gone Wild

I’ll start out by saying I should hate this movie more than I do. Before I make my confession about what I liked, here’s what it’s about.

With their hormones racing, a trio of losers — Marty (David Competello), Randy (Chris Saphire) and Leroy (Dominique Rochelle) — head out for a raucous spring break at the beach. But their adolescent fantasies are crushed when they discover they’ve been ogling the undead. Giselle Lopez, Jessi Marshburn and Summer Morgan co-star as the zombie lovelies who lure the three boys in this horror spoof of the “Girls Gone Wild” flash fests.

Zombies Gone Wild has one consistent thing going for it, everyone gave it the same lousy 1 star review. Rather than repeat what they’re saying, this review pretty much sums it up:

It makes me mad that this piece of absolute excrement was ever released on the public. The people that made this movie have to be some of the most pathetic human beings on the face of the planet, to have wasted time making this movie. There is absolutely no redeeming elements to this movie, most of the movie is just three guys acting like college kids trying to get laid. They think they are being funny, but they are really just being beyond annoying. There is no real zombie action to this movie.

I can’t believe I’m about to say this, but there was something about the three idiot characters that made the movie a little more bareable to watch. Don’t get me wrong. This movie WILL NOT go on my list of favorite bad zombie movies. And I really did want to hate the characters as much as the movie. They grew on me pretty early on and had me laughing hysterically a few times. I wouldn’t be surprised if they improv’d, because I question if a script ever existed for this one. I’m not telling you to watch Zombies Gone Wild. I’m just saying the idiots deserve at least one star for effort.


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