Movie Review: The Veil

Three words describe this film: HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE. Here’s what they say it’s about:

Sent to investigate a small town infected by a manmade plague that’s turned the residents into ravenous flesh-eating zombies, an elite team of British commandos is forced to seek refuge in an empty house. As the ghouls try to find a way into the home, the soldiers must decide what to with one of their members who may be infected in this chilling horror film starring Michael Himsworth, John Chance and Richard Chance.

Unfortunately, someone lost the film description because there was no storyline that I could follow while I watched this crap. This movie makes me angry because it tried to be artsy and so horribly failed. I’m not even sure why anyone would even try to make an artsy zombie movie. The beginning scenes were senseless. The cameraman shook the camera in a way that gives the viewer a headache. Not a bright move to piss of the viewer right off. Then the movie dragged on for 2 1/2 hours.

The worst part of this movie are the characters in gas masks throughout most of the movie. You never got a chance to get to know any of them. No one had a unique personality. It was like watching a bunch of drones. And I swear there were characters who I thought were dead showing back up later.

This is one of THE WORST zombie movies I’ve ever seen. After watching this one, I need to take a break and watch a few good ones.


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