Movie Review: Sunshine

I had a hard time getting into this movie because I started watching too critical of the science of making a space ship that could fly so close to the sun, not to mention all the other things they were attempting to do to restore the sun’s energy. Don’t do this if you decide to view the film. While this movie is visually stunning, the plot is more about the decisions made by the crew. As decisions are made, bad results follow, although their judgment was not necessarily incorrect. Most disaster movies are all about the disaster, but with this film you have to think philosophically while disaster after disaster occurs. Once I realized this, I enjoyed the film.

RATING: 4 out of 5

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  1. I am such a pain in the ass to watch sci-fi movies with, which bites because in general I love ’em … therefore, the campier, the better. Now go watch Serenity.

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