Movie Review: Stitches

StitchesI’ve got a good one for you this week, although it’s not a zombie movie. Stitches had me laughing out loud, and here’s what it’s about:

“The clumsy and unfunny clown Richard “Stitches” Grindle goes to the birthday party of little Tom and the boy and his friends play a prank with Stitches, tying his shoelaces. Stitches slips, falls and dies. Six years later, Tom gives a birthday party for his friends at home and the clown revives to haunt the teenagers and revenge his death.”

I’m starting to think that I enjoy horrific clown movies just as much as zombie movies. Clowns are creepy enough, it seems natural to make them monsters and killers.

I don’t remember how I found this movie, but it ended up in my Netflix cue. Maybe it was the spirit of Stitches himself who put it there. Wouldn’t that be fun and nightmare inducing.

The main reason I like this movie is for the comedy. All of the killings of the teenagers were creative and nicely gross with plenty of blood. Yes, I mentioned teenagers, which means this is a teenage slasher movie from the U.K.

The acting is good, the storyline is good, it’s funny, and brain splattering bloody. What more could you ask for. I loved this movie! Watch it!

My Rating: 5 out of 5 Bloody Brains

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