Movie Review: Raiders of the Damned

In Raiders of the Damned, yet another biological weapon has been unleashed on mankind and results in a zombie apocalypse. Only difference, the zombies don’t lose their intelligence and ability to organize. Here’s more on what it’s about.

In the wake of a cataclysmic global war that saw widespread use of biochemical weaponry, flesh-eating zombies are overrunning the planet — and a helicopter transporting scientists who are working on an anti-zombie serum is humankind’s only hope for survival. When the chopper crashes and strands the researchers in the midst of Zombieland, the onus is on a special-ops squad (led by Richard Grieco) to bring them back alive.

This film has some scathing reviews, but it’s one of my all time favorite bad zombie movies. I highly recommend you watch Raiders of the Damned, but leave your critical side out of the viewing. Don’t take this movie too seriously, after all, it’s described as campy. The actors and the characters they portrayed carried the movie despite some of the poor acting. Sure the special effects sucked, the picture quality sucked, the zombies’ mismatched make up sucked, but the storyline wasn’t bad and you even got some zombie/human lovin’.


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