Movie Review: Oasis of the Zombies

I was glad to find Oasis of the Zombies because it’s a Jesus Franco movie and I love his films. Yes, you read me right. He’s a director people love or hate for the most part. Take a look at his filmography and you’ll find he’s directed quite a few low budget films. You don’t usually get much of a storyline in Franco films, but there’s just something about the atmosphere of his movies I love. Apparently this is two movies spliced into one, which I didn’t notice. This is something Franco is know to do. What was it about? The search for rumored gold, stashed in the dessert by Nazis. When treasure hunters get close to finding the gold, they encounter an army of zombies, guarding the horde. Personally I think this was one of his better films despite the fact that the picture quality sucked. The best part of the movie were the low budget zombies with worms and insects crawling all over their faces. Not much of a gory movie compared to other flesh eating horror. Don’t watch this one unless you appreciate Franco films or want a good taste of what he creates.


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