Movie Review: Let the Right One In

Last weekend I added another movie to my favorite horror movie’s list. While this is a vampire movie, it is more about a young misfit boy coming of age. After he meets a vampire girl who appears to be around his age, he falls in love with her. As their relationship progresses, her influence empowers him to stand up against a group of bullies who are tormenting him.

What I liked, first and foremost about this movie is that it has an interesting and almost believable storyline. The love story between the misfit and the vampire shows the awkwardness first love. The bullying endured by the misfit, and his eventual strength to fight back is the true horror story in this movie. It provides an excellent comparison between the cruelty in which humans are capable and a being without a conscience that feeds savagely on humans for survival. Which is worse?

What I didn’t like about this movie…well, nothing.

RATING: 5 out of 5

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