Movie Review: Home Sweet Hell

homesweethellThis week’s review is a surprisingly decent movie, Home Sweet Hell. Here’s what it’s about:

“Don Champagne seems to have it all: a successful business, a perfect house, perfect kids and a perfect wife. Unfortunately, when his wife, Mona (Katherine Heigl), learns of Don’s affair with a pretty new salesgirl (Jordana Brewster), this suburban slice of heaven spirals out of control. Don soon realizes that Mona will stop at nothing, including murder, to maintain their storybook life where “perception is everything”.”

Once again, my love of movies that everyone else hates comes in to play. Catherine Heigl was even nominated for a Razzie Award for this one. In my opinion, she was excellent in her role as a psycho housewife. The nomination might have been ‘Heigl Hate’ thanks to her reputation of being a difficult actress.

This movie is a dark dark comedy, and I wonder if people go in to it thinking it’s more comedy. For me it was the perfect mix that made me cringe and laugh all at once.

The main character, Don Champagne, played by Patrick Wilson, makes one bad choice after another. He’s so delightfully pliable by the women in his life. You know, the bumbling idiot of a husband. The fact that he’s so easily convinced to follow, yet surprised by each and every outcome was a plus in the storyline.

Home Sweet Hell is funny and entertaining. Give it a chance.

My Rating: 3.5 out of 5

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