Movie Review: Extinction

ExtinctionThis week’s review is Extinction: The G.M.O. Chronicles, an older zombie movie released back in 2011 that stood out as one to watch on Netflix. Here’s what it’s about:

“The remaining survivors of pan-global epidemic face a race against time to find a cure before they succumb to its zombie-inducing effects. Holed up in an abandoned military base, Tom and his fellow survivors, their numbers dwindling with each successive day, desperately search for a way of stopping the outbreak and returning their lives to normal. Unfortunately for them, it soon becomes clear that the virus has mutated, turning those affected into rabid, cannibalistic creatures. Can Tom and his friends find a way to stop the seemingly inevitable, or are they doomed to a grisly fate?”

Extinction: The G.M.O. Chronicles is an okay zombie movie. It had its moments. It kept my attention. I didn’t hate the main character. Problem was it dragged in more places than not. I guess what I’m saying is if the makers of this movie were on a reality TV competition, they’d be safe to move on to the week.

Note my odd rating below. Well, it’s because I didn’t like it enough to give it a 3, but felt it needed a little more love than a 2.5. Am I saying, don’t watch it? No, but I’m also not recommending this one either. I’ll leave it at that.

My Rating: 2.85 out of 5 Bloody Brains

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I prefer movies rated below a 4 on IMDB.

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