Movie Review: Dead Heist

Early on, you wouldn’t guess Dead Heist is a zombie movie. The zombies don’t show up until the last 30 minutes. In fact, the film dragged a bit in the beginning, but it wasn’t horrible. Here’s what it’s about:

Four petty crooks get a tip on a small-town bank job worth millions. Their plan is perfect and every detail is in place, but as the job unfolds, they discover that this little town is overrun with bloodsucking monsters. Trapped inside the bank, the robbers fight to stay alive against the onslaught of mutants hungry for human flesh. E-40, DJ Naylor, Bone Crusher and Big Daddy Kane star.

The action began when the bank robbers were held up in the bank by the police. After the zombies and a zombie hunter show up, they all have to fight together to survive. This turned out to be a pretty good zombie movie despite the slow start. It was well thought out and the acting wasn’t all that bad. There was also an awesome scene you shouldn’t miss where hordes of zombies ascend an escalator to attack the people. In the end my son commented, “I can’t believe they let the black guys live. Them and the slutty blondes always go first.”


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