Movie Review: Abraham Lincoln vs. Zombies

Abraham_Lincoln_vs._ZombiesHOLY CRAP! What an awesome zombie movie! Here’s what it’s about:

Not to be confused with the big-screen, vampire hunting mashup, this direct-to-video horror flick has the Great Emancipator battling to save the Union from an attacking horde of Confederate zombies.

I LOVED IT! And I can say you won’t confuse this one with Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter because this movie is so much better…if you like B movies. Then again, I fell asleep during the vampire hunter version. You wouldn’t like to read my review of that one.

This movie has a number of positives, two of which are a decent storyline with fun twists and Bill Oberst Jr., who was excellent as Abraham Lincoln in a movie of this sort. Heck, I liked him better than the actor who played Abe in that other, vampire movie. The zombies had consistent appearance and decent makeup, and the special effects were good for a B-movie. I think the parts I enjoyed the most were the splatterings of historical facts and figures throughout the movie. I’ll watch this one again. Hell, I’d consider buying it if it weren’t on Netflix streaming.

My Rating: 5 Bloody Brains

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