Monday’s Whine: Sick…AGAIN!!

This week, I’m whining about being sick for the third time this year. What’s up with that?!? Totally ruined our Valentine’s Day weekend. Had to cancel our dinner reservations yesterday.

This is certainly no way to start the new year. So I’ve decided I’ll get it all over with for the year by the end of February. No more illnesses this year. No exceptions! But how the heck do I avoid getting sick when everyone keeps bringing home virus after virus. Luckily no one’s brought home H1N1. Maybe I should move into one of those bubbles. Okay, a little drastic.

I don’t think I can get any more organized than I am with my index card system, so health has to be my next challenge. I even have index cards for working out, although they haven’t been used much this year. I stopped my workout program the end of last year. Bad move! Being ill has made it too hard to get back into it though. I’d rather sleep…zzz. I’ve also started another detox using my favorite book, Detox Yourself. Oh, and the workout program is P90X. If you know anything about it, it won’t be fun getting back into it. It kicks butt!

Stay tuned, this will be the topic of posts for a few weeks, at least.

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