Monday’s Whine: Men are Good!

Very good news. I started writing the second Courier book last week. Not so good news. I have so much editing to do on the first book my head is spinning. Still it felt soooo wonderful to start the next book on my hand held recorder while walking the dogs. I’m going to leave it to an hour a day on the recorder, so I can really think through the storyline in book two and catch up on editing the first.

Cold/flu virus #4 of 2010 has invaded our home. So far I haven’t gotten sick, and am doing all the Voo Doo spells I can, short of signing a contract with Margery, to keep it out of my system. 😉

Now on to my Monday morning whine… Last night I started reading yet another romance novel that depicts the male figure as a womanizing beast. Now I haven’t read many romance novels because they’ve never really been my cup of tea. But recently I had a few paranormal romance authors highly recommended to me. So what the heck, I ordered them up from the library and away I read. I got 100 pages into the one I read last night and threw it to the side, sickened by the set up of a relationship between the heroine and an archangel who was more like a fallen angel. This was another novel where I got to a point I had to ask, how was the author hurt by men and projecting her own experiences into the story.

I’ve had absolutely wonderful men in my life who would fight to the death for me. That’s the sort of guy I like reading about. Prince Charming, who will come and rescue me. Although we watched the Shrek movies over the weekend, and Prince Charming in those movies is even a bastard. Is the strong male figure in romance novels dead? Are we women alone in saving ourselves?

2 thoughts on “Monday’s Whine: Men are Good!”

    • Drop by my GoodReads profile and you’ll find a book review. I wanted to leave the post to more of a general statement about the anti-man books being written in the romance genre, which to me seems a bit like an oxymoron.

      Oh, and I really need to update this site with my latest book reviews, like I’ve got on the Blogspot site at It’s obvious over there the book I’m talking about.


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