Monday’s Whine: Living on Adrenalin

Okay, I actually started this week’s whine on Tuesday, just one day after last week’s whine, when I woke up from a nap realizing I was iron and B12 anemic, again. I forced myself into an adrenalin rush to get my index cards done and suffered the rest of the week as a result of it.

First of all, I think this behavior is something we women do really well, especially when we have small children. Second, we get so good at it, to the point it becomes a habit. But in my case, mixing it with the anemia is a recipe for too many crash and burns. I ain’t doing it anymore.

A couple weeks ago I whined about needing more exercise and a better diet. I’m extending that plan to meditation. About four years ago I meditated, a lot. It’s what helped me realize how out of whack my physical body had gotten, and sent me on the path to finding out I have Celiac’s Disease. At that time I slowed, then stopped mediating to concentrate 100% on my physical health and here I am today.

I’d also like to whine about today being March 1st already, and I’m still screwing around with the first book of The Courier. It’s like someone just slapped me across the face with a cactus. ARGH!!

Side note. I’m loving picking the pictures of whinny kids and baby’s every week. There’s certainly plenty of ’em, and today’s little guy is especially adorable.

2 thoughts on “Monday’s Whine: Living on Adrenalin”

  1. Hope you’re feeling better soon, chiquita! I need to take a page from your meditation book and learn how to do that. It’s a skill that has always alluded me.

    You’re not really whining, you’re sharing. There is a difference. I think. Or so I keep telling myself when I bitch periodically on my own blog 😉

    • Sometimes I think I should change Whining Monday to Menopause Monday. I think I could make the entries more funny and entertaining. It certainly started as a bad joke when God built it into women. Must of been that apple thing, hee, hee, hee.

      I suggest meditation classes for anyone like us, who can’t turn off their brains. I can still only get peace for a few minutes at a time, but that’s better than constantly drowning in thoughts. It’s also great for writers to better listen to their muse(s).


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