Monday’s Whine: A Woman and a Writer

Sorry for posting so late today. I’ve gotten too involved, preparing for next week’s post on organizing. Oops! Maybe I should have done that this week.

Just as a reminder, I’ve decided to use Monday as a whining day, but in a more constructive way. Basically, last week I posted, Started 2010 with My Head Spinning, and whined that I just can’t seem to “get with it” this year. As a way to help myself, “get with it,” I’m blogging about things I’m doing to leave the whining behind.

My journey begins with reminding myself that I’m not just a writer and desperate housewife. Well, not exactly desperate, but the other half of my day is spent as a housewife/domestic goddess and mother to my 15 year old, who is working on completing his high school diploma, online at home. Yeah, it’s me and him, together all day, how I’d wished it had been when he was preschool age. Let me tell ya, being a stay at home mom for a teenager who’s home all day is less a walk in the park, not that it wouldn’t have been easy when he and his older bother were young. It is a topic for another post though.

Every year, the holidays get a little too domestic for me, because I absolutely love decorating and cooking and baking and playing hostess. And by the end of it all, I’m a total zombie. As of last week, I realized I’m having a hard time pulling out of my zombie state. So, when it came time to choose an area of my life that needed a pick me up, the choice was easy. I added woman back into the mix.

I invited a friend over for lunch, who also happens to be a Mary Kay lady, and we played with makeup. How much fun was that!! She gave me gobs of samples that I tried all week long. I have to admit, I had gotten a little lazy about making myself beautiful every day. What a difference in feeling, going through each day looking your best. So THANKS to Kristin Henning for reminding me to put some effort back into appearance.

Also gave myself a pedicure rather than going out for one. There’s something really rewarding about doing it yourself. I always feel I do a better job anyways. Oops, there’s that perfectionist in me, rearing its ugly head.

Best of all, I planned a sexy night in with Michael. I won’t fill you in on the details, but I will say it more than made up for all the $$$ spent on Mary Kay cosmetics. 😉

All in all, it was a great week of reminding myself that fulfilling womanly desires can easily wipe away the pressures of writing.

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