Greetings from Margery the Demon

Margery the Demon wants her evil antics to garner as much attention as possible. She’s challenging you to download books in The Courier series for FREE. Hurry on over to Amazon to do so through 9/30, or you risk an encounter with her hexed cigarettes.

Call for Obstruction: Satan owns his soul. A demon controls his life. While Barry’s desperate for his freedom, he’ll do anything to stop Hell’s refugee camp from spilling onto earth. Can he stop the loss of innocent lives and close the Gates of Hell while dodging his demon boss’s hexed cigarettes? He knows his odds of saving mankind are uncertain, but he has to try.

Fall for Freedom: Pete and the cowardly demon that possesses him are wanted in Hell. On the run from mercenaries ready to chop off his head, his only hope for survival is an angel apprentice who knows he’s innocent. But she’s not about to let him off the hook. In order to regain his freedom from Satan’s forces, he’ll have to brandish the only weapon known to capture an escaped fallen angel with a nun fetish. If only he had a clue how to use a sword.

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Warrant for Damnation
Coming in December
Book 2 in The Courier Series

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Releasing Through October
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Barry’s got a new mission. Will he succeed at annihilating a fallen angel with a nun fetish. If you’re read Fall for Freedom, you’ll know this means Azael has returned.

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