Losing a Character’s Image

During the last couple days of writing Cause for Redemption for NaNoWriMo, I’ve been transitioning Barry’s character to more of a leader to his gang of misfits.  This morning I’ve lost sight of his appearance in my head, which used to be very much like Michael Cera.  It’s making it difficult for me to properly depict him in the story.  Has that ever happened to one of your characters?  What did you do to get the picture adjusted?

2 thoughts on “Losing a Character’s Image”

  1. Yes, totally! My characters' last names and hair color and personalities have changed. What do I do? Go with the latest description if it works and takes me to an interesting place, otherwise, I pull back to my original description and continue writing from there. It's going to be a mess by end of Nov anyway, I'll decide during revision which traits work for the plot I love.


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