Let Your Life Shine

Summing up today’s Sparkle, I believe my life shines in every way. What we forget is that even on bad days, weeks, months, years, there are still sparkles all around, right there in front of us. We can choose to put on sunglasses that dull the sparkles or live in the light.

Two of the brightest sparkles in my life at the moment are the rewarding experience of fostering a rescued beagle for the first time and helping my son prepare to become a marine. Even brighter, finally settling into an editing routine and seeing one particular novel I’ve written really come to life.

I’d like to add a little more sparkle in my life by planning warm weather activities with my husband, completing some spring cleaning, spending time in the garden, submitting my novel to a contest, and making some more quilts for charity.

You tell me now, how you can bring more sparkle into your own life?

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