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Welcome Back to Wendy’s Wine Fest!


One of my resolutions for 2013 is more blogging about fun stuff. So, how could I not bring back my wine reviews? I want to do more than just reviews this year. I’ll be writing about wine festivals, wine & cooking classes, and generally anything else related to wine.

Wine and cooking are two of my greatest escapes from the stresses of writing, editing and managing a publishing co-op as well as two indulgences I can’t live without. If I weren’t a author, I’d probably be a professional chef in my third career. It must run in the family because my youngest son starts culinary school this year. In fact, he and I attended a recreational cooking classes last night. We were both dismissed from Knife Skills class with all our digits, although half of what I learned is that I’ve been cutting 95% wrong.

This week I’m touching on leftover wine. I chose this topic because I found two bottles of white wine in the refrigerator this evening. Both bottles had been there since Christmas: one we had partially drank and one had been an ingredient in the lobster mac & cheese my son prepares annually. Then there’s last night, when we drank a bottle of red that had sat on the counter in a cool corner of the kitchen for at least a week longer. An open bottle of wine hardly ever has a life this long in our house.

How long are you willing to keep an open bottle of wine?

One reason I enjoy writing these weekly posts is because I’m no wine expert. Sure, I’ve tried well over 500 varietals, but each new winery and type is like a whole new experience. And some things about wine I just don’t think about including wine storage, at least until tonight. Not to mention–confessions of a wine lush–we rarely drink less than a full bottle in one evening.

On those rare occasions we drink leftover wine, we’d take a sip to determine if the wine is still good and throw it away if it’s not. In this case, both our leftover bottles of white were perfectly fine. The red last night was better.

Frankly, I don’t know anything about storing open bottles of wine outside of common sense food storage. If it’s white, it goes back in the fridge; if it’s red it’s corked and put on the counter for a day or two until we usually drink it. Again, if it’s bad, it’s spit in the trash and disposed of.

I had to consult an expert, and according to The Wine Doctor in his lesson on Preserving Opened Wine, I’ve still got a lot to learn about wine storage. I’ve been lazy in regards to wine care. So . . . now that I’m completely embarrassed about my lack of knowledge, I’m off for a lesson or two on decanting, vacuuming and nitrogen to preserve wine.

More later . . . .

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