Internet Outages Are Not So Bad

We had a neighborhood Internet outage that lasted over twenty-four hours, and we thought the world was coming to an end.  Then I realized I could use the time to work on 2011 goals, and they’re done.  WHOO HOO!!

One of the things I did today was sort through all the short stories I never finished.  It gave me the idea to focus on completing some of them in 2011.  Reason?  My main goals are editing the 3 Courier novels next year, so rather than get involved with another full-length novel, cleaning up the mess of unfinished short stories and writing new ones seems to make more sense.  Should also help me get in the mindset for writing the collection of short fairy tales for the 3 Day Novel Contest and NaNoWriMo next year.

I also took another look at this years goals.  Have to say I’m pretty darn happy with what I’ve achieved.  Big lesson learned on keeping better track of progress throughout 2011 though.

Until next year…28,000 more new words to write and lots of holiday baking.  How are you wrapping up 2010?

2 thoughts on “Internet Outages Are Not So Bad”

  1. Hi, Wendy. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and saying hello.
    For me, I spent all of 2010 doing PR work. I posted for me, I posted for Wicked Writers, I wrote articles for a local magazine and I found time to finish my second novel. This coming year, I plan to see what happens. To finish off the year, I want to read and I want to rest a bit, enjoying the holiday season as best as I can.
    After that, we'll have to see.


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