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2011 was a very productive year, and I personally wouldn’t want to read back through my accomplishments, so enough said. Plans for 2012 are just as aggressive and we’ll be sharing them in Monday posts going forward. I promise they won’t be nearly as long as this post, which is an overview of the year ahead.

First to happen this year, the release of episode one of The Courier. It’s happenin’ this month folks, but no specific date. Which leads me to the whole episode experiment. I’ve only touched on what Vamplit Publishing and I have done to the whole Courier series so here’s the scoop.

I originally caved and wrote 300 page novels for the first three books in The Courier series because that’s what I was told the publishing industry wanted, especially from new authors. I’ve never wanted that length for each of the The Courier novels, instead aiming for Novella sized books. I also wanted to write a never-ending chronicle of Barry’s adventures with cliffhangers, which I’d also heard the publishing industry frowns upon because it forces new readers to start at the beginning of the series. Well, I have to say that this changing industry sure has worked to my advantage, because I’m back to my original plan. The Courier is now separated into 75-100 page episodes that will release quarterly.

Why this format you ask? If it’s a good story, people who love to read will read it. I wanted The Courier to appeal to young adults who hate reading–like both my sons–but are forced to read in junior high and high school. From my experience with my sons, short stories that read more like a graphic novel are easier for them to digest. Just looking at a thick book would stress them out, but finishing short reads gave them a sense of accomplishment. I also enjoy quick reads that I can get through in a night or two, so why not experiment with this format.

R.J. and I are bringing back Bloodleggers this year, also publishing it in short episodes. We’re self-publishing it under Black Orchid Publishing, a company I started in 2005 for another business I ran back then. There will be three releases a year instead of four, the first part due out May 1st. More to come in the next few weeks as we add a page here for the series.

All the writing and formatting of the episodes also got me thinking about a subscription distribution system last year, which we’ll offer later this year, Bloodleggers being our beta test novel.

It’s a NaNoWriMo Year! I skipped it last year but R.J. took a stab at it. This year we’re both entering although I’m not sure if we’ll be writing a story together or separately.

Last but not least, Friday Flash continues this year, individual stories released Fridays here and in the Vamplit Blog. Collections of the stories will release in Grand Scares though Black Orchid Publishing bi-annually as well. I got a bit side tracked around the holidays so unfortunately the first volume has been delayed, but will release in the next couple weeks.

And speaking of the Vamplit Blog, my other home, we have a number of projects scheduled for 2012 which I’ll keep you updated on in Monday posts.

I plan to get back into local networking in Denver this year, in particular planning recommences for After Enough Wine a women’s organization I’m founding with a couple close friends. So more blogging over there and lots of wine tasting in 2012, YAY!

I won’t bore you with anymore details so I have something to post next week. Here’s to a happy and fruitful year ahead for R.J. and I.

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