I Think I Need a Vacation from My Computer

In case you hadn’t noticed, the blog design has changed. Did it Friday. Just couldn’t bring myself to get on the computer for most of the day. Then when I did, I could only concentrate on doing something distracting. So I paged through the btemplates.com website for nearly two hour.  After I turned the darn thing off on Friday, I didn’t turn it on all weekend.  So I actually forgot I changed the template, duh, and it still needs a few changes to the CSS, like the link colors, which blend in with the other text.  I’m not sure what some web designers are thinking.

Anyways… What’d I do instead?  Glued my attention to the TV, watching movies and a Law and Order marathon.  By the way, loved From Paris with Love with John Travolta.  What FUN!  Like Jason Stratham’s movies.

I’ve actually been spending more time away from the computer since I started a strenuous workout regiment–three plus hours of exercise a day–about a month and a half ago.  I think it’s harder to sit in one place for an extended period of time when the body conditioning improves. 

Besides that, sitting in front of the bright screen, switching between windows, writing new storyline and editing can kinda give me Restless Body Syndrome. 

I realized this morning, after turning on my laptop and letting out a long hard sigh, that I’ve not been using some of my other techniques for writing and editing:

  • I’ve written most of my first draft novels on a hand held recorder I take out with me on dog walks.  Months ago I replaced the recorder with books on CD, which has been a great way to do research at least.  I’ll be doing some book reviews over on Bloodleggers this week on the great books that are really getting the creative juices flowing.
  • I used to do most of my editing on paper before sitting down with the word processor to make changes.  I’ve got a notebook sitting next to me just filled with red pen.  Actually purple.
  • All my ideas for a story were once written in a paper notebook.  Used to write drafts (mostly short stories) in a paper notebook too while on the bus or in a coffee shop.  Lately all I put on paper are notes and shopping lists.

I’m always crabbing about all the distractions on a computer.  Going on a computer vacation might not be such a bad idea, at least for part of the day.   Only problem is I feel like I’m doubling my work by writing it on paper and then transcribing from there.   More sighs.

But then again, I now have bouncing globe telling me to update my computer, and I just posted a link over on Vamplit Writers.  I won’t mention all the other stuff I also did while writing this post.  Even more sighs.  And now I’m back here, finishing up the post.

I’ll end this by saying the last paragraph just proved my case.  I’m off to find some paper.

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