I finished Warrant for Damnation in the 3-Day Monday night with one hour to spare.  WHOO HOO!  If I had the energy yet, it’d be time to celebrate.  I still have to mail off the manuscript, so maybe then.

I was going to write this blog post yesterday, but I was in a vegetative state.  Have to say that today is like waking up from a comma.   But other than that, as the title states, WHAT A RUSH!!

I don’t think I’ve learned as much about my writing abilities in my career as I’ve learned over the three days of the contest.

All in all, it was a BLAST!  I loved the challenge and that everyone rallied around my progress.  It really helps to have family support. 

Probably the greatest lesson I learned about my writing is that I don’t connect as easily to the story and characters while typing.  When progress slowed on Saturday afternoon, I decided to write long hand.  I immediately picked up speed and the story came out of me quicker.  Unfortunately it means that my hand is still a little sore.  I feel like I should have known this because I’ve written quite a bit of most of my novels using a hand held recorder.  It’s another method that flows well for me.

What I loved the most is there’s no time to let the negative thoughts take over.  I only remember twice, thinking the story was crap, but squashed the feelings in a matter of seconds.  So while The Artist’s Way is helping me work through my writer’s funk, the 3-Day opened the block with explosive force.

Will I do it again?  Hell yeah!!  Time permitting, next year I’ll be entering again, but I won’t be writing book 3 of The Courier.  I plan to write it in NaNoWriMo this November.  You read me right.  I’ve already collected all my ideas for #3, and I have a month and a half to outline.  Stay tuned…

4 thoughts on “I Did It…WHAT A RUSH!!

  1. Hey Wendy, I am planning to do NaNoWriMo this year as well. It will be my first and I am already planning to clear out the diary so I can concentrate on it. Should be a blast!

  2. Congrats on the 3-day novel contest!! I read your post last week on Vamplit and was eagerly waiting to hear how you did.

    I'll be in NaNo this year – we can team up and support one another.

    How are your edits for The Courier coming along? I know it was frustrating you for a while but it will be worth it when that baby is spit polished and out shopping the rounds for you!

  3. Thanks, C.J. Glad to see you'll be doing NaNo too. It'll be fun having a bunch of buddies pulling their hair out with me. And edits?? Oh my, edits. Actually getting back into 'em once I get the manuscript for the 3-Day mailed out today.

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