Horror Movie Locations Quiz

It’s time for a pop quiz! Here are 10 questions about the locations in some very popular 80s horror movies. How many do you know off the top of your head? NO GOOGLE LOOK UPS!

1. What is the name of the hotel in The Shining?

2. What town and state does Freddie Krueger enter your nightmares?

3. What is the name of the camp in Friday the 13th?

4. Where are the scientists in The Thing located?

5. In the movie Gremlins, the mogwai named Gizmo is acquired from where?

6. What fictional town is plagued with vampires in The Lost Boys?

7. Michael Myers escapes from the insane asylum in the Halloween movie.

8. In the movie Aliens, what is the name of spaceship? For extra credit, what is the name of the colony?

9. What is the town and state where you don’t want to encounter the Children of the Corn?

10. In this Stephen King book and popular movie, what state contains the Pet Sematary?

Enter your score in the comments below.

3 thoughts on “Horror Movie Locations Quiz”

  1. Wow, for such a horror fan, I’m pretty lame, LOL. I know the hotel in the Shining is the Overlook and the the camp is Crystal Lake in Friday the 13th. I’m going to guess the Pet Semetary is in Derry, Maine – I loved the book!! Other than that, I’m throwing my hands up, LOL.

    What a fun post. Good idea!!


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