Horror Chatting About Mad Scientists

Every Wednesday I lead #humpday #horrorchat on Twitter for Vamplit Publishing. It’s  a way for us all to share our favorite things about horror while tweeting on Twitter.


Mad Scientists
We’re discussing the crazy geniuses
in both movies and literature

(Mad scientists are also our theme for #fridayflash)

Our horror chat is open to everyone whether you are a writer, publisher, film maker, artist, gamer, magazine or just someone who loves horror. More about this week’s horror chat is on the Vamplit Blog.

Drop by and follow our regular chatters @vamplit @carolelynngill @by_wjhoward.

If you don’t use Twitter, feel free to add a comment about this week’s horror chat topic here and I’ll tweet it for you. Or, you can drop by the Vamplit page on facebook and add your comment.

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