Hell Week

It’s hell week again, or should I say hell half week.  Wednesday is the next release of Bloodleggers and I’m pulling my hair out, still.  So I’ve opened up a bottle of wine and toasted to the hair I have left.  A new wine I haven’t tasted, Raia 2007 Shiraz.  Not bad.

My greatest challenge has been changing from a terse 1st person present tense, as The Courier is written, to 3rd person.  If you don’t read my personal blog, you won’t know that I’ve got a goal to finish releasing The Courier on Twitter by July 31st, which I will do.  Only problem is it takes my brain about an hour to switch completely between the tenses.  So when I go back to edit I’m constantly catching a bizarre mix of tenses.

So what was my other challenge?  Giggle giggle.  A few sips of wine down and I’m already feeling loopy.  I’m a serious lightweight. 

Oh yeah!  It really sucks to try to match another author’s voice.  Grrrrr…  My thought is it will be easy to tell what I’ve written vs. what R.J.’s written for awhile.  Then the parts we write together once Regina and Knox meet will also stand out.  I just have to get over it. 

More sips of wine.  From this point on I take no responsibility for improper grammar or incoherence.  Oh, also watching the last hour of Lord of the Rings in TNT (Sam’s saving Frodo from the orcs), so I’ve got that distraction going too.

Anyways, I might sound like I’m complaining, but taking on the writing of a novel with another writer has been one of the smartest decisions I’ve ever made.  I really felt like I’d gotten into a rut with The Courier.  This has forced me to intricately analyze both our writing styles, and I feel I’m becoming a better writer as a result of it.

So come Wednesday, I’m hoping you love and hate Miss Regina Todd.  She’s a little difficult.  And I’m really hoping you’ll like Magnus MacKay, her uncle, who you’ll also meet.  He’s becoming a main character as we continue our planning of Bloodleggers.

3 thoughts on “Hell Week”

  1. The best part of all this is, tonight I got to get out my big, bad, red editing pen, and start taking shots at Wendy.

    I'm kidding. I'm liking what she's got so far, although I can see a few problems here and there with changing tenses. Now I just have to get out the whip to keep her working and away from the wine.

    As far as light-weights go, she should have seen me after a half-glass of Shiraz over the weekend…

  2. Well, Hell Half-Week is over and part two is out there on Blood Reads. Now, finish up The Courier and hit the wine as hard as you want.


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