Goals . . . Again?!?!

Really. It’s time to set yearly goals . . . again? What happened to 2013? It went by in a flash!

Back in April I addressed getting back on track with my 2013 goals, but it never happened. I remember writing that I was happy with what I’d achieved early on in the year, but the problem was I had only achieved things that weren’t on my list of goals. Well that’s gotta change in 2014.

After sitting down with myself and having a long talk about my disappointments during 2013, I’ve decided to completely change directions next year. More about it next week. This week I’ll bore you with a list of accomplishments and nonfulfillments (nice way to say “goal not met,” huh?). Anyways . . . here’s the list:

Goals Met

  • Edit 110,000 Words of my own work – Achieved 175,000 of my own work
  • Read 100+ Books – Read just over 100 books, mostly children’s books for sitNread book reviews
  • Participate in Story a Day in May – Wrote 17 new stories
  • Update Call for Obstruction synopsis & descriptions – Done
  • Attend RMFW Colorado Gold Conference – Attended

Other Things Achieved

  • Finished business start up of a publishing co-op
  • Set up a technical publishing process for eBooks and paperbacks
  • Developed an eBook store for the co-op
  • Ran Friday Frights and Horror Chat for another year
  • Got the RMFW website functional
  • Edited & formatted a number of novels & short stories by other authors
  • There’s some other stuff, but basically my year was spent publishing other authors and managing a business.

Goals Not Met with Excuses

  • Write 250,000 New Words: Only 67,000 new words achieved. I told myself editing was more important in 2013, and while it was, I’m regretting the lack of new writing because I’m feeling out of practice. Besides that, I plotted out a new YA novel and was hoping to have a first draft complete by the end of the 3-Day Novel Contest or NaNoWriMo, which leads into the next unfulfilled goals.
  • Achieve 3-Day Novel Contest and Achieve NaNoWriMo: Exhaustion is my only excuse for not completing these goals.
  • Finish re-editing and re-publishing Call for Obstruction, Courier #1: This one REALLY pisses me off that I let this slip. GRRRR…
  • 2nd Draft of Warrant for Damnation, Courier #2 – Again, should have been done and a deciding factor for changing directions in 2014.

Well, that’s the list I’ve been reflecting on this month. Looking at it all mapped out, sure, I worked my ass off. Sure, I achieved a lot, but again, not what I had set out to do. That’s why we set goals, to stick to them.

Drop by next Monday for the 2014 list and details on my change in direction.

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