Ghosts Dance to a Favorite Woman in Horror

Today we’re talking about everyone’s favorite women in horror for the Women in Horror Month Blog Talks.

I’m excited to have Naching T. Kassa with me in my blog. Naching is a wife, mother, and Horror Author. She is a member of the Horror Writers Association and a contributor to the Demonic Visions series.

At the age of 15, a friend introduced me to a novel called, Ghost Dance. The book was terrific and had a great mixture of genre elements. Mystery, romance, suspense, horror, the book had it all. It also had a Native American protagonist and a page-turning style. I never forgot it.

Fast forward 24 years.

I joined the Horror Writers Association in February of 2014 and volunteered as a proof-reader for the HWA newsletter. It was a fun job and I started exchanging e-mails with the newsletter’s editor, Kathryn Ptacek. Her name seemed familiar but I didn’t think anything of it.

One day, a few months later, I looked Ghost Dance up on Amazon. Imagine my surprise and delight when I discovered the author and the editor were the same person. Talk about a “DUH” moment! I’d been e-mailing my favorite female horror writer and didn’t even know it!

Kathryn is not only a writer, she’s an editor. She’s edited some great anthologies like “Women of Darkness” and “Women of Darkness 2.” Her books include Shadoweyes and The Hunted among others. Please, treat yourself to her work. You can find some of it here: Search her name on Amazon and you’ll find more.


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