Favorite Book of the Month: Angels at the Table by Debbie Macomber

My favorite read in November was Angels at the Table by Debbie Macomber. Here’s what it’s about:

Shirley, Goodness, and Mercy know that an angel’s work is never done, especially during a time as wondrous as New Year’s Eve. With an apprentice angel, Will, under their wings, they descend upon Times Square in New York City eager to join in the festivities. And when Will spies two lonely strangers in the crowd, he decides midnight is the perfect time to lend a heavenly helping hand.

Lucie Farrara and Aren Fairchild meet after bumping into each other—seemingly by accident—in Times Square on New Year’s Eve. They immediately hit it off and find they have a lot in common: Lucie is a burgeoning chef and Aren is a respected food critic. But just as quickly as they’re brought together, another twist of fate tears them apart, leaving Lucie and Aren with no way to reconnect.

I got in the holiday spirit early this year. When I went looking for holiday themed books at the library, I wanted to read a book that was both girlie and filled with holiday cheer. I also needed a light-hearted read and this book delivered on all my needs. I loved the characters and storyline. The trouble the angels created and how they got out of it made this a page turner. This is the first book I’ve read by Debbie Macomber, and I liked it enough to put more of her books on my list for future reads.

My Rating: 4 out of 5

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