Documentary Review: Map of Hell

mapofhellReviewing an excellent documentary this week, Map of Hell narrated by Danny Trejo. Here’s what it’s about:

“Danny Trejo asks “What happens to bad guys when they die?” Many people believe Hell is a real place, so Danny’s taking a journey into the afterlife to map out where the idea of Hell came from. He’s exploring the darkest recesses of both the underworld and the human imagination. It’s a terrifying journey through 3,000 years of ideas, each more scary than the last, taking us from ancient Greece through the birth of Christianity to medieval Europe and modern America, visiting real locations believed to be portals to Hell and using hair-raising CG to re-create ideas about the terrifying place so many people believe exists.”

Seriously, who could better take us on a tour of Hell than Danny Trejo. Oh, yeah, Dante. LOL!

Like I said, this is an excellent documentary about the evolution of Hell as we humans have created it. The visuals are the best part, with a mix of great artwork depicting Hell down through centuries and well done cinematography.

This documentary takes us back over 2500 years to the Greeks and continues on to modern day. The whole while, Danny Trejo adds his own spin, wondering where he might end up in Hell when he dies.

Watch it! Map of Hell is both entertaining and educational.

My Rating: 5 out of 5

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