Corkscrew Design is Like Building a Better Mousetrap

We love wine clubs not only for the amazing wines they deliver, but also for the goodies. A couple shipments ago we got the new corkscrew shown left. It’s a familiar one. I’d used it at a party once and found it easy to use and effortless to pop the cork.

When I used the new one again, I thought about how corkscrews have become an inventive project like building a better mousetrap.

I’m kinda cheap, so this familiar corkscrew’s been my main bottle opener of choice for years.

Speaking of inexpensive and reliable, the manual one below is my least favorite. Too much work to pull out the cork.

We also have this one with a Co2 cartridge that forces the cork out with a loud pop. I love it, but there’s the expense of cartridge replacements, and when you drink as much wine as we do…LOL!

If you’re extra lazy, you can pick up this electric corkscrew, although I don’t see where this one saves time or physical energy compared to the manual one we got from the wine club.

Have you seen this one yet? It’s the corkscrew that doesn’t open the wine. It keeps it sealed and fresh for only $300. Another useless gadget for me considering a bottle rarely goes undrunk at our house.

Had to throw this one in last, in case you can’t find your corkscrew. An interesting method to open the bottle with heat.

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