Christmas Decorations

Leave a comment here about your own holiday traditions and everyone wins a free copy of The Courier, Episode 1, Call for Obstruction.

We celebrate Christmas, so our house is filled with the traditional decorations. One of my favorite things to do is clutter the fireplace with Christmassy junk. To the right is a picture I captured of one of our dogs, Howie, beside the fireplace. There are usually doggie chews up where he’s looking, replaced with decorations. He’s not so happy. What a precious picture though.

Then there is my favorite ornaments, which were given to me after my grandmother died. Pictured left, these are probably cheap dime store ornaments that are over 50 years old, but to me there is so much family history attached to them that I wouldn’t trade them for anything.

One other mentionable are my homemade decorations. I LOVE making something new every year and here are just a few magnets I’ve made over the last ten years or so. I’ve made dozens of some of these for my sons holiday parties at school. Now, with both of them being out of school, they remind me of when they were young. Has me looking forward to all the wonderful decorations I’ll be making with my grandchildren.

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