Celebrating NaNoWriMo Word Count at 50010 Today

50,000 WORDS!!

But when I put the total into the word count field there were no fireworks, just me sitting back in my chair smiling, which was reward enough.  In this contest, that number stands out like a 4th of July burst of color in the sky anyways.

I reached the end of a scene with a word count of 50,010 and have decided that’s enough writing for today.  Time for some Thanksgiving planning and maybe a nap after walking the beagles.

Where am I on the progress of the novel?  Sure, I reached one goal, but now I have to complete goal #2, finish the story.  I feel confident I’ll meet that goal as well.  I’ve started changing the ending though.  Like yesterday I realized I had way too many characters to contend with so I killed them all in a mass beheading.  Barry’s now off with another courier who can’t stand him, trying to send his father back to his cell.  This is not at all how I had written the ending in the outline.  But heck, it’s all in fun, and I can’t wait to see how the new ending turns out.

4 thoughts on “Celebrating NaNoWriMo Word Count at 50010 Today”

  1. OMG. Am I allowed to say 'I hate you?'
    Only kidding. That is an amazing job. Well done. I'm still struggling to get past 30K!!!


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