NaNoWriMo and Housework Don’t Mix

Tweet I’m officially making a list of stupid stuff I’ve done during NaNoWriMo after this one.  I set the timer for cooking the rice and when it went off, I heard it, but dismissed it as a malfunction of the timer.  Huh!  Yes, I burned the rice. Did I mention the other one, running the dryer, twice, without moving the clothes from the washer to the dryer. I might make it through NaNo, but will the … Read more

Sick Bastard Shoots Prize Elk with Arrow

I’m just sick after hearing this morning about a prize elk shot with an arrow within Estes Park, Colorado.   We spend A LOT of time there and have seen him.  This is especially sad after we watched an equally impressive bull elk defend his heard against two other giants a couple months ago inside Rocky Mountain National Park.  People come from all over the world to see these magnificent animals.  There is no punishment too … Read more

Fire a Couple Weeks Ago

I was just pulling some pictures off the camera and found these we took from our back deck a couple weeks ago, when we had a fire close to home.  They had this one under control compared to some of the other Colorado fires we had late summer/early fall this year.

One Definition of Flight

There are four books sitting on the left side of my desk, between two brass eagle bookends:  a dictionary, The Artist’s Way, Writing Down the Bones, and The Elements of Grammar.  As I reached to pull out The Artist’s Way to complete a few assignments this morning, I instead pulled out the dictionary and opened it to a random page.  The first word and definition for that word I read… flight – A soaring above … Read more

The Numbers Speak

Real quick post that it’s exactly one week since I announced no more social networking for the rest of the year, and I thought you might find it interest that the folder where I filter all my networking emails contains 435 messages.  Now consider this…I’m not a very active social networker.

No More Social Networking…For Now

I’ve finally given in to a series of synchronistic events that have tirelessly directed me to lay off the social networking for awhile.  Until 2011 to be exact.  I’m the one that threw that date out and so far I haven’t gotten any flack back from The Universe about it.  Yeah, I know, I keep going back and forth about networking and blogging, and you’re probably not taking me seriously.  I expect that response.  Like … Read more

Ladybug Sightings

I couldn’t remember the last time I’d seen a ladybug when I found one crawling through my hair over the weekend. Then I found another one this morning. It met me by the refrigerator as I gathered rice milk for my cereal and orange juice. When something catches my eye and grabs my attention, I can’t help but wonder what spiritual message I’m being sent.  So this morning it was off to the Internet to … Read more

Are You Listening to His Messages?

Yesterday I began reading week 2 of The Artist’s Way.  It’s all about recovering a sense of identity. “This week addresses self-definition as a major component of creative recovery.  You may find yourself drawing new boundaries and staking out new territories as your personal needs, desires, and interests announce themselves…“ I got to a section on crazymakers that I found as entertaining this time through as the last time I read it some ten years … Read more

Morning Pages

The first thing you’ve gotta get used to doing while following The Artist’s Way are the morning pages.  Every morning the program requires that you write three pages of the first things that comes to mind.  I’m three days in and wondering why I stopped the brain dump journaling so many years ago.  I used to do my morning pages on the bus ride into Downtown Denver every workday morning and with coffee on the … Read more

I’m 45 Today

Happy birthday to me!   Yeah, I’m 45 today.  WOW…45.    Best birthday present I got so far today came to me while doing a P90X upper body work out this morning.  Physically I don’t feel any different than I did twenty years ago, and I have greater endurance.  Of course I have to sneak in the gluten free and mostly caesin free diet over the last couple years has helped decrease aches and pains tremendously.  Smile … Read more

10 Things I Love About Being a Writer

While perusing through blogs this morning I came across 10 Things I Love About Being a Writer by Erin Cole on Listen the the Voices. Drop by and read her list. She had me chuckling and there’s some great comments. What are my 10 things I love about being a writer? 1.  I can get away with saying reading fiction novels is a part of my occupation, and books are a tax write off. 2.  … Read more

I Think I Need a Vacation from My Computer

In case you hadn’t noticed, the blog design has changed. Did it Friday. Just couldn’t bring myself to get on the computer for most of the day. Then when I did, I could only concentrate on doing something distracting. So I paged through the website for nearly two hour.  After I turned the darn thing off on Friday, I didn’t turn it on all weekend.  So I actually forgot I changed the template, duh, … Read more

A Book That Makes Us Laugh

This week R. J. and I are sharing a book that makes us laugh.  Over the past year I’ve found that writing comedy is not an easy task, so I respect any author who can do it well. Again, for me (W. J.), there are a few, but this week I’m highlighting only one.   A Dirty Job by Christopher Moore is the most recent book I’ve read that made me laugh my ass off.  In … Read more

A Book We Have To Read More Than Once

This week R.J. and I are sharing a book we have to read more than once. I can’t decide on one though.  Most of the books I’ve read more than once are about writing. When it comes to fiction, the Dune series qualifies. I’ve read Dune twice and am making my way through the series. The more I read, the more I love it and could read it over and over again. Besides that, I’d … Read more

I’m Lovin’ Tumblr

Just wanted to let everyone know that I’ve settled into tumblr at   Funny, but after I announced that I’d only be posting my writing status here in my blog, I found that Tumblr is the perfect replacement for the Writer Wednesday Blog Hop.  So as I find interesting blog posts and articles, I’m posting a link over on my Tumblr page, which automagically posts on my Twitter and Facebook accounts as well.  If you … Read more

A Book That Changed Our Lives

On Fridays, for the next few weeks, R.J and I will answer a short question about books.  This week’s question is about a book that changed our lives. R.J. chose Lord of the Rings, primarily because it influenced his decision to write fantasy.  It’s a hard decision because neither of us can say that any one book changed our lives.  Reading horror taught me I wanted to write in that genre, especially after reading Pet … Read more

I’ve Been Thinking

I was up kinda late last night, thinking about what I’d write about today.  No…make that over thinking about what to write.  So I didn’t actually fall asleep until around midnight.  After the fact, I probably should of gotten up and just wrote this damn post, but I didn’t, and now it’s 9:30 A.M. and I’m finally writing it.  Let me warn you in advance that you might get snared in the babbling a bit. … Read more

Writer Wednesday Blog Hop #24

Every week I weed through over 100 blogs, looking for writing advice and new and interesting books to read. Considering how time consuming this is, I share the posts I find the most interesting here every week. If you’d like me to add your blog to my feeder or a link from my weekly tour, leave a comment on the most current tour or send me a link via Twitter @by_wjhoward. All About Writers On … Read more

You Can Do It!

A few pages into Miracles Happen, The Life and Timeless Principles of The Founder of Mary Kay Inc., Mary Kay Ash tells a story about the responsibilities she had to take on during her childhood as a result of her father’s illness.  At the age of seven she had to take care of the household while her mother worked long hours outside the home.  I don’t know about you, but at the age of seven … Read more

Writer Wednesday Blog Hop #23

Every week I weed through over 100 blogs, looking for writing advice and new and interesting books to read. Considering how time consuming this is, I share the posts I find the most interesting here every week. If you’d like me to add your blog to my feeder or a link from my weekly tour, leave a comment on the most current tour or send me a link via Twitter @by_wjhoward. FYI… Bloodleggers begins today. … Read more