Who’s Up for a Million Words Challenge in 2019?

I’m in the mood to share way more than you’re probably interested in reading. As a geek and ex-project manager, these sorts of things get me going. If you’re a writer, you’re more likely to find this interesting. I track word count annually even though it can be very depressing when I look at what I’ve accomplished around this time of year. 🤣 For 2018, I had set a 2100 words a day goal or … Read more

I’m Back!

Time to start blogging again. I’ve been a hermit far longer than I had expected this year, both here and on social media. I have returned to facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+ and that’s about all I’ll get involved with regularly anymore. I do have a LinkedIn and Tumblr account in the social links above, but I only visit there now and then. There are WAY to many sites out there that consume time and … Read more

On a Break

For the last three months I’ve been changing my priorities. The most important goal I’ve given myself is to spend 2014 for myself and my writing. My number one priority is to write and edit the novels I’ve neglected for the last 4 years while I learned publishing and improved my editing skills. Until further notice, I won’t be posting to my blog. My thought is to return after I’ve published the first two books … Read more

It’s All About Me in 2014

Yep, it’s all about me! Me, me, me… A lot has happened over the last 5 years: Writing 5 novels and 75 short stories Winning a novel contest in 2009 Being published by a small press that went out of business Running a number of social networks and groups for writers and horror lovers Starting up a publishing cooperative In the process I learned a number of lessons and have become a much better writer … Read more

Goals . . . Again?!?!

Really. It’s time to set yearly goals . . . again? What happened to 2013? It went by in a flash! Back in April I addressed getting back on track with my 2013 goals, but it never happened. I remember writing that I was happy with what I’d achieved early on in the year, but the problem was I had only achieved things that weren’t on my list of goals. Well that’s gotta change in … Read more

3-Day Novel Contest: The Right Idea

Obviously, the first step in writing a novel is to come up with an idea and figure out a plot. In early July, it took me about a week to decided on the genre and that I’d go with Young Adult Science Fiction. This part took so long thanks to the angel and devil on my shoulders, one saying challenge yourself and one saying go with something easy. I went with the angel, who assured … Read more

3-Day Novel Contest: Preparation Time

I signed up for the 3-Day Novel Contest early July, and decided I’d blog about the preparation and writing process. Now, here it is a month later, and it’s about time I get started. The first time I accomplished the 3-Day Novel Contest, my preparation time consisted of outlining the second book in The Courier series. It was an easy task considering I’d already had the entire story in my head for quite some time. … Read more

Million Word Challenge

When I went out to find a graphic for this post I looked up the title and found that there actually are million word challenges for reading. Looks to be primarily in California, but we have one in Denver Public Schools too. Wouldn’t it be great if this went national? Or if authors and publishers got involved and donated 1,000,000 words annually to each public school library. Let’s just say that’s an average of 20 … Read more

When Goals Attack

This year I set goals like I do every year, only this year they were pretty pathetic. Let’s just say I’ve been in a foul mood most of 2013, unhappy and confused about much of the direction my life and career have taken over the past few years. We all go through rough patches and I’m more than ready for this spate of misfortunes to end. The last few weeks have been particularly difficult. I’m … Read more

When The Sun Doesn’t Shine

Title’s a little misleading because I couldn’t think of one this morning. Basically I looked out the patio door, could barely see the foothills and the deck is wet. We’re expecting rain all day, I think. Haven’t checked the weather report. Anyways, when the sun doesn’t shine on a Monday morning I find my week starting a little slow and cloudy. My true reason for this post is to report on 3-Day Novel Contest stuff. … Read more

Horror Chatting About Mad Scientists

Every Wednesday I lead #humpday #horrorchat on Twitter for Vamplit Publishing. It’s  a way for us all to share our favorite things about horror while tweeting on Twitter. THIS WEEK’S TOPIC Mad Scientists We’re discussing the crazy geniuses in both movies and literature (Mad scientists are also our theme for #fridayflash) Our horror chat is open to everyone whether you are a writer, publisher, film maker, artist, gamer, magazine or just someone who loves horror. … Read more

Let Your Life Shine

Summing up today’s Sparkle, I believe my life shines in every way. What we forget is that even on bad days, weeks, months, years, there are still sparkles all around, right there in front of us. We can choose to put on sunglasses that dull the sparkles or live in the light. Two of the brightest sparkles in my life at the moment are the rewarding experience of fostering a rescued beagle for the first … Read more

True Words Are Not Eloquent

During today’s Sparkles, I realized that our home library is lacking poetry.  The assignment first sent me searching for my favorite poem, but the type of poetry I read is mostly dark. I wanted to use an inspirational selection, so I dug through our books and found a copy of the Tao Te Ching.  Figured I’d have to pull out the New Testament if I wanted greater inspiration. Anyways, Chapter 81 specifically caught my attention.  … Read more

Scribbling My Heart Out

Sparkles for the last two days are in today’s post because yesterday was a short meditation session, and at first I didn’t think it would fill a post.  Today I have scribbles to show off, which I’ve cropped and included throughout the post.  You can click on each and enlarge them. First I’ll share a little something about yesterday’s sparkly meditation session.  I meditate often, so it was a familiar exercise, relaxing and refreshing.  In … Read more

Say Cheese

I got my first Sparkle assignment today, right after I got out of the shower. Initially I was a little irritated that the assignment was to take a picture of myself. Figured I’d have to go dry my hair and put on a little make up before taking the picture, when what I really wanted to do was eat lunch. Then I remembered the advice given in the introduction. Don’t over think it. Be spontaneous. … Read more

Ready to Sparkle

After an hour of trying to reactivate my merchant account with PayPal, I’m signed up to join Sparkles. Damn, it was irritating, but I’m trying to remember that sometimes I’m impatient and obstacles are designed to keep things on the Internet secure. Now back to the positive… What is Sparkle? Sparkles is a creative e-course. For 31 days, you’ll go on an adventure designed to awaken your creative spirit and fill you and your days … Read more

Internet Outages Are Not So Bad

We had a neighborhood Internet outage that lasted over twenty-four hours, and we thought the world was coming to an end.  Then I realized I could use the time to work on 2011 goals, and they’re done.  WHOO HOO!! One of the things I did today was sort through all the short stories I never finished.  It gave me the idea to focus on completing some of them in 2011.  Reason?  My main goals are … Read more

Time to Set Goals for 2011

TweetBecause the holiday season is upon us, and time is limited, I’ve decided to start setting the goals for 2011.  And since this years goals were mostly a pain in my ass and completed at the end of this year or not at all, I’m adding them to the right column so they’re in my face almost every day. There are seven weeks left of the year and I plan on unveiling the goals every … Read more