Halloween Fable 6: The Girl and the Woodpecker

Tula sat up in bed. “Mom, the damn woodpecker’s back!” While she was only nine, she’d been mimicking her grandfather’s favorite curse word since the age of three. The red headed bird had been drilling into the siding outside Tula’s bedroom shortly after dawn for weeks. Tula pulled on the sheets, frustrated she wouldn’t be able to go back to sleep on a Saturday morning. She needed her rest. It was Halloween, and her mother … Read more

Halloween Fable 5: The Old Groundskeeper and Death

Gustov paused to listen to the muffled moans and groans outside the window of the groundskeeper’s shack. On a warm end to the October nights at the graveyard, he preferred not to know which sounds were from the living and which were from the dead. As keeper of the graveyard for over fifty years, he knew it was safer to stay in the shack this close to midnight on Halloween. In ten short minutes, as … Read more

Halloween Fable 4: The Girl and the High Heels

“How can you expect me to wear the same princess costume as last year, Mother.” Lisa put her hands on her hips. “I told you last weeks, I want to be a sexy black cat.” “And I told you, there’s no chance you’re getting out the door in a tight leotard, showing off all your lady bits.” Her mother picked a pair of bright pink pumps off the thrift store shoe rack. They were so … Read more

Halloween Fable 3: The Pumpkin and the Jinn

As the sun reached its highest and hottest point above the Boulder Creek Farm, a ripening pumpkin cursed his life with boisterous sobs. A tiny mouse, darting along the dried vines, climbed upon the pumpkin and whispered at his stump, “Tell me, poor sir, why are you so unhappy?” “How could you possibly understand the tortures of a moored life?” the pumpkin said. “You can scurry under a rock to avoid the blistery days and … Read more

Halloween Fable 2: The Old Man and the Old House

A raw egg splattered against the old man’s brown grocery bag as he hobbled toward his walk. He scanned his Dutch Colonial house and surrounding trees, finding he was the only target. At least for now. He shook his knuckly fist at the teens standing in the street. “Trick my house tonight and this will be the year I kill you idiots!” “Screw you, Mr. Outhouse!” Kyle yelled back at him. The teen spun around … Read more

Halloween Fable 1: The Boy, the Bully and the Apples

Alvin dunked his head into the ice cold water for the fifth time, his mouth open and teeth chomping at the twirling apples. If only he could pluck one by the stem. Some may consider it cheating, but all that mattered was ending his turn before the other kids grew frustrated. “He’ll never get one,” Carl said from behind in his raspy and forced pirate’s voice. A strong grip squeezed Alvin’s shoulders, and a heaviness … Read more